Couples An Mo Tantra Massage


Are you and your partner tired and stressed out?

In need of some ‘couples’ time to top up the fuel tank?

An Mo is an ancient Massage from one of the Taoist Lineage of the White Tigress. It is a pressing and rubbing technique for relaxing and strengthening the muscles and joints whilst stimulating the sensory nerve endings of the skin. During the massage, heat and movement of Qi (life force energy) increases as well as blood flow which stimulates sensual energy (Ching) which then moves and flows through the muscles and joints causing the spirit (Shen) to awaken.  The body is nurtured and energised during An Mo and it is an experience like no other.

An Mo is one of the most healing, sensual, nurturing and relaxing experiences you can give to your body, mind and spirit and a wonderful gift to experience together.