Moon Cycle Wall Chart 2018


The most amazing little tool for all women to discover a deeper depth of their true femininity.

On this calendar the months are in 28 day columns enabling comparison between the human cycle and that of the Moon. 

This is a fabulous chart to mark your monthly cycle including tiredness, cravings, ovulation, menopausal symptoms, sexual activity and the follicular and luteal phase.  In the follicular phase a woman's creative power is at it's most potent.  The luteal phase is time to withdrawal and self nurture.

This chart is a brilliant self help tool for all women to connect more intimately and lovingly with their bodies and their creative flow and to help you understand your own cyclical nature and how it relates to the cycles of the Moon, e.g.  Waxing Moon, Waning Moon, Full Moon and Dark Moon.

"For thousands of years, menstruation was regarded as a sign of the magical power of the female body".

  • Moon phases and transits at a glance.
  • True to the lovingly handwritten style of the Moon Diary.