Traditional Floor Massage for Women (Perth)



Our skin is our biggest organ that responds to our reality through stimuli (touch).

In tantric massage not only does the body relax but we learn to deepen and awaken all five senses and arousal through erotica as well as using sexual energy as a medicine to restore, rejuvenate and cultivate this life force as a healing method for vitality, sensuality and turning back the aging process. Through the art of Tantra and Tantric touch we move Ching (sexual energy) from the genitals (Base Chakra) up into the forehead (Third Eye Chakra) to activate the pineal and pituitary glands which transmits serotonin (the body’s own feel good drug) to experience illumination which I refer to as “Cosmic Orgasm”.  Every cell in the entire body is bathed in orgasmic healing waves of bliss not just the genitals.  The body can achieve this ultimate transition with or without genital stimulation.  Touch, together with the intent to share and give love is the greatest healing gift we can give to ourselves and to our partner. In tantric massage “less is more” meaning we tease and tantalize the body through stimuli, especially the erogenous zones. 

Tantric touch goes beyond just the physical enjoyment to the deepest healing power of love.  When we touch with the intention to give love, to make someone feel good, we 'feed' that person love, a similar metaphor of watering a thirsty plant.  Scientist state we have 62 trillion cells in the human body (vehicle) and the teachings of Tantra believe that every cell has a divine consciousness, a superior intelligence, just like that of a computer system, this wisdom understands love and fear, positive and negative for the true journey of Tantra is “Duality to Unity”.  When the cells receive and feel unconditional love they vibrate, pulsate, rejuvenate and renew with energy and vitality.  This is the incredible Gift of Tantra. 


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