Meditation CD


This CD is also available as a digital download

An Introduction to Tantra through meditation and breath awareness.

Are you TIRED of being STRESSED and RUN DOWN in your day to day life?

Are you finding it HARD to SLEEP? Has your SEX LIFE all but died out and in need of a SPARK?

Would you love to know the newly revealed SECRETS of the ANCIENTS to INSTANTANEOUSLY relax yourself, SLEEP SOUNDLY and be that DYNAMIC LOVER that you always dreamed of?

If so, then this could be the most IMPORTANT CD that you ever come across.

Tantric meditation empowers and releases the fire energy known as "sexual energy" through visualisation techniques and breath, bringing vitality, energy and peace of mind.

This CD consists of six tracks to bring deep relaxation and learning to "be in the moment" an essential ingredient to the components of Tantric Teachings.

Listen to a sample

  1. Track 1:  Introduction to Tantra
  2. Track 2:  The Tantric Breath and the Chakra System
  3. Track 3:  Grounding
  4. Track 4:  Tantric Breath Awareness (learning to move sexual energy for healing and pleasure)
  5. Track 5:  Spiralling Sexual Energy
  6. Track 6:  Tantra Meditation (Wisdom of the Rain Forest)